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Volume 15, 2017 - Creating Vibrant Social Spaces – New Avenues to Urban Renewal

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Keynote 1: Public Space and Ethics, Shin Nakagawa, Osaka City University, Japan

Guest Speaker: Connecting Cultures through Music Scholarship: International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) in Urbanizing Asia, Professor Svanibor Pettan, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Secretary General, ICTM

Session 1

DFA Student Project Presentation #1 -  Chillax First Jobber! - Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Sharing Experiences from the Process of Creating Vibrant Multicultural Meeting Places in Oslo,

Tom Gravlie, Director, Artmuse, Norway

Opening Urban Social Spaces through the Arts, Lasanthi Manaranjie Kalinga Dona,

Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Turning Reception Centers into Spaces for Intercultural Learning and Creativity – A Childrens’ and Families Perspective, Lene Gravlie. Project Director: Cultural Sharing as a Way to Refugee Rehabilitation and Special Inclusion, Norway

The Currency of Diaspora. Border, Home and Return in Southeast Asia Fast Changing Societies, Loredana Pazzini - Paraccioni, Curator and Researcher, Contemporary Southeast Asia, La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore

Session 2

DFA Student Project Presentation #2 - Mahakan Fort Community: Displacement and Traditions, Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Performance by Creative Music Groups Including People with Disabilities,

Rii Numata, Research Fellow, Osaka City University, Japan

Midtown Global Market: Growing Immigrant Enterprises and New Communities,

Tom Borrup, Creative Community Builders, Faculty Director, Arts and Leadership Program, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Understanding the Impact of Cultural Design Aesthetics and Socio-economic Shifts: Approaches to Urban Resilience Empowers Place-making, Stephen Poon, Lecturer, Taylors University, Selangor, Malaysia

Radical Imagination and Artistic Hospitality.Scores and Tactics for Vibrant Communities, Daniela Brasil, Ass. Professor, Institute for Contemporary Art, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

What happened on the Way to Damascus? Alternative Responses to Urban Radicalization,

Kjell Skyllstad, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Senior Project Advisor, Fuuse

Jihad – A Film Documentary by Deeyah Khan, Director Fuuse and the first UNESCO

Good Will Ambassador for Artistic Freedom and Creativity

Session 3

Guest Speaker: Inter-university Center Dubrovnik and its Role in Advanced Academic Studies and Intercultural Meeting Place, Nada Bruer Ljubovic, Executive Secretary, Inter-University Centre (IUC) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Implications of the Urban Landscape Aspects of the Isan Cultural Maintenance and Revitalization Program, John Draper, Director,Social Service Center, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Samoreang Community Rehabilitation Project, Chantana Surasawadee, Samoreang, Ass. Professor, Pranakhon Rajabath University, Bangkok,Thailand

DFA Student Project Presentation #3 - Why Do They Litter So Much?, Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Promoting Cultural Traditions, Social Inclusion and Local Community Participation in Environmental Development Schemes, Dickson Adom, M.A. Ph.D Project Leader, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

"Su´a Senakut"-Thai Royal Guard Tunic: The Revival and Preservation in Today’s Thai Textiles, Sittichai Smanchat, Ass. Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts and Architecture, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

Musical Instruments of the Ethnic Groups in Central Laos PDR, Phongnil Sasinut, Professor, Naresuan University, Pitsanaluk, Thailand

Widdershins Osaka. Entangled Walking in the Contemporary City, Garreth Morris Jones, Graduate Student, University of Dundee, Scotland

Session 4

DFA Student Project Presentation #4 - Chiang Mai – Inside Out

Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

The Legacy of Edvard Munch – A Place for Living, Working and Taking Care

Kirsti Grotmol, Art Historian, Oslo, Norway

Innovation in 3D Technology,Opening New Spaces for Designers and Artists,

Wenche Emely Nessler, Artist and Art Teacher, Oslo, Norway

Climatic Theater - Communicating Climatic Issues Through the Aesthetics,

Heidrun Sølna Øverby, Drama/Theater Educator,Trondheim, Norway

More than the Quran. The Urban Madrassah in Mediaeval Muslim Cultures,

Marie Ingand, Historian, Arabic Music and Intercultural Activist, Oslo, Norway

Academia and the Arts in Action – Promoting New Community Performance Spaces,

Hilde Kvam, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Media Sciences the University of Trondheim (NTNU) Norway

Volume 14, 2016 - Urban Culture – Rural Culture: Overcoming a Dichotomy

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Keynote 1: Cities as Cultural Ecosystems: Researching and Understanding Music Sustainability in Urban Settings, Huib Schippers, Griffith University, Australia

Session 1

Closeup: The Mon Community in Bangkok,

Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Myths and Festivals as Tools for Connecting Traditional Community: A Research of Newly Urbanized Villages in Hanoi, Lư Thị Thanh Lê, Vietnam

Culture as Coping Mechanism: Rural South Asian Foreign Workers in Singapore,

Geerhardt Kornatowski, Japan

Theater as Glue - Bridging the Rural and Urban, Hilde Kvam, Norway

Session 2

The Presence of Local Specific Culture in the Future – Globalized Cities – The Case Of Jakarta,

Miya Irawati & Jo Santoso, Indonesia

Places Between: U.S. Suburbs in Identity Crisis, Tom Borrup, USA

The Artistic Creations Depicting the Thai – Yuan Ethnic Group, 

Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts Students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Beyond the Dichotomy of Urban vs Rural, Shin Nakagawa, Japan

Session 3

Keynote 2: Making Space for the Rural in an Urban World: Thailand in Asian Perspective,

Jonathan Rigg, Singapore

Traditional and Non-traditional Storytellers in Japanese Modern Societies,

Yoko Takashima, Japan

Rural - Urban Boundaries in Contemporary Vietnamese Cinema: A Look from Phan Dang Di's Films, Hoang Cam Giang, Vietnam

Case Study: Increasing Cultural Tourism Via Art-based Interventions in Bangkok’s Kudeejeen Community, Doctorate of Fine and Applied Arts students, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

The Presence of Social Space, Morida Siagian, Indonesia

A City for All - Oslo Xtra Large (Film), Kjell Skyllstad, Thailand

Session 4

Building Sustainable Music Activities in Deprived Rural Areas: The North Norwegian Experience,

Tom Gravlie, Norway

Collective Dream Works: Philosophy against Urban Cyber-Dystopia,

Tetz Hakoda, Japan

Volume 13, 2015 - Partnership for Change – Finding Creative Solutions to Urban Challenges

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Session 1

LIstening to the Unheard Voices: The Role of Universities Against the New Liberalism -

Shin Nakagawa

Firefly: Eco-Conscious Video Art to Conserve the Environment for Amphawa District -

DFA Students’ Group Presentation

Alleviating Isolation by Art Projects - Takuya Oi

Urban Hum - Sandra Uskokovic & Boris Bakal

Indigenous Voices: Glimpses Into the Margins of Modern Development - Jeff Warner

Session 2

Do-it-Yourself Values and Practices as Community Building Tools in Bangkok’s Rock’n’Roll Subculture Music Scene - Pablo Henri Ramirez

Protecting Cultural Space or Urban Re-colonization: When Do Cultural Districts Cross the Line? -

Tom Borrup

Coconut is Life: The Photovoice Project for Local Youths in Amphawa

Community - DFA Students’ Group Presentation

Successful Cultural Heritage Models in Myanmar - Barbara T. Bauer

Session 3

From the Street to the Stage: How Topical Songs Connect Thailand and Taiwan - Shefong Chung

Are Gardens Universal? Allotment and Community Gardens and Their Historical and Political Frames -  Werner Bigell

Reach Back, Reach Deep, Reach Out: A Case Study of the Songs of Memory Project in the Community - Victoria Vorreiter

Urban Bin - DFA Students’ Group Presentation

Brâncusi: From Tate to Urban Culture - Cornelia Buijs-Dragusin

Theatre and Immigration – Performance Partnership for Social Change - Hilde Kvam

The Promotion of Sustainable and Creative Community Building Through Thai Youth Puppet Theater - Takako Iwasawa

Session 4

Transposition: An Urban Cultural Engine? - Geir Johnson

Partnership for Change - Mozart as Social Activist - Kjell Skyllstad

Music as an Agent for Change - Tom Gravlie

As Noisy As… - DFA Students’ Group Presentation

Ballet Building Bridges - Partnership in Paris - Marie Ingand

Volume 12, 2014 - Arts and Social Outreach – Designs for Urban Dignity

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Arts and Social Outreach

Applied Ethnomusicology in Urban Settings - Svanibor Pettan

The Norwegian Approach of Presenting Live Music for Young Audiences - Tom Gravlie

Art Film Elucidates Social Inclusion for Children with Special Needs - Tuenrudee Rugmai

Resonance: The Resonance of Reasons from the Streets of Bangkok - DFA Students’ Group Presentation

Divided Cities – Redesigning Urban Dignity

What is Urban Dignity? How Do We Achieve It? - Evelin Gerda Lindner

From Humiliation to Dignity: Designs for a Just Peace