The call for papers (abstract) deadline is November 30, 2016. Submissions are accepted after this date until Jan. 1, 2017 on a space-available basis. Related videos are also welcome.

Full papers are due on the first day of the Forum. Authors selected will be notified by Jan. 10.

1. Please use our submission/registration form  Thai Version  (Our Forum is free)

(It includes the audience handout page with space for your byline & article’s abstract)

Note: Presenters filling out this form, do not have to also submit a registration form on our Forum page

2. Please paste your article’s full text into our template file (due on the first day of the Forum)

Note: Speakers are allotted 15 minutes. A group discussion (Q & A) is held after each morning/afternoon session

Note: For those whom cannot attend in person or wishing to only submit papers to our sister

publication, the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Culture Research – see details at JUCR Journal


Creating Vibrant Social Spaces – New Avenues to Urban Renewal  Click here to download the pdf

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok invites contributions of papers, visual presentations, and workshops for its international forum. Authors that are not able to attend the forum may submit papers to the Journal of Urban Culture Research - see website link above.

Both the forum and journal aims to encourage researchers, artists, and those involved in urban planning to seek cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices aimed at fostering the sustainable development of vibrant, livable cities and promoting cultural continuity. Presentations spanning the wide and diverse field of urban culture are welcome. The below is offered as evocative guidelines rather than requirements.

Creating Vibrant Social Spaces – New Avenues to Urban Renewal

  1. Creative Designs for Urban Spaces

  2. Supporting Social Inclusion and Participatory Citizenship

  3. Learning & Preserving Traditions in Today’s Society

  4. The Role of Academia: From Research to Community Outreach

  5. The University as an Educational Hub

  6. Borderless Education – The Open Online University for All

  1. Community Learning Centers – Education for Life & Cultural Preservation

  2. Mapping & Utilizing Local Cultural Resources

  3. Culture at the Crossroads or in the Crosshairs?

  4. Supporting Urban Networking & Community Outreach

  5. Arts Management for Urban Renewal

  6. Building Partnerships for Urban Revitalization

  7. Mapping Threatened Territories and Public Spaces

  1. Reclaiming Childrens’ Lost Playgrounds

  2. Confronting Commodification, Privatization and Land Grabbing of Public Spaces

  3. Creating Safe Urban Havens for Refugees and the Victimized

  4. Enlarging the Social Spaces of Art

  5. Cyberspace as a Creative Field – Second Life and Urban Modeling

  6. Replacing Spaces of Loss with Spaces of Hope and Resilience


The Urban Research Plaza’s 15th Urban Culture Forum – March 7 - 8, 2017